Why and when to choose VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are getting more and more popular among small and medium scale businesses not only in India but all over the world. It is because VPS hosting offer solutions for most of the hurdles faced in shared hosting and up to a certain extent it also has some capabilities of a dedicated server.

Getting VPS hosting for your website is equivalent to living in an apartment or a flat in a big building. A Virtual Private server is divided into several smaller partitions just like a building is divided into a number of flats. Here, the partition ensures that you have much more privacy, freedom and more access to server resources than shared web hosting.

Let’s have a look at its major advantages and why one should go for it.

Advantages of VPS hosting

  1. More Space – It offers much larger web space as compared to shared hosting.
  2. Scalability – Whenever your website need higher bandwidth or other resources to handle sudden traffic surges, a VPS can easily handle the situation as it can quickly scale up and scale down the resources. And, higher traffic on other websites have no effect on the performance of your website.
  3. Freedom – A VPS offer more freedom than shared hosting as it allows you to install applications and software of your choice as per your needs. It does not provide unlimited freedom like dedicated servers in which there is a possibility that you may face problems without sufficient technical knowledge.
  4. Security – A VPS provide much better security than shared hosting in which your website is vulnerable to malware, viruses and hacking as it is sharing same resources with several other websites. Even though your website is still sharing space with others, but it is isolated from others by using virtualization technology which makes it relatively more secure than shared hosting.
  5. Cost – Virtual Private Servers are definitely more costly than shared hosting, but they are much cheaper than dedicated servers. Not only it’s a mid-way option between shared and dedicated type but, it also provide some advantages of dedicated hosting at a much lesser price.

When to Choose VPS Hosting?

With its big list of features and reasonable pricing, VPS hosting has become an ideal option for small and medium sized businesses and ecommerce websites. It’s the best choice in the following cases.

  1. When need is felt for higher security to protect critical data.
  2. When you need more web space for data storage.
  3. The website traffic experience sudden growth for particular periods.
  4. Need autonomy to install software and applications of your choice.
  5. To maintain the best performance of your website with its growing needs.

VPS hosting is within reach of most small and medium sized businesses and if you want to get it at the cheapest price, you must purchase fully managed VPS hosting package from web hosting provider that is most reliable in the industry.

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