Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server – Which is right for your website?

When you are running a website or blog from quite some time, it definitely grows both in terms of size (content) and number of visitors visiting the website. At some point, to maintain the smooth performance, it may require more resources due to large size of content and very high number of visitors. Here, you will realise that shared hosting is no longer sufficient for your website. You need to upgrade to either a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated hosting.

Both VPS hosting and dedicated hosting are premium web hosting plans in which have to pay more for availing higher and better resources. While upgrading to these premium hosting plans, you need to take several important factors into consideration. These factors include performance demands, resource needs, security, server management, scalability and cost.

Let’s evaluate these important factors in detail for selecting between Virtual Private Server and Dedicated hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting

In a Virtual Private Server, virtualization technology is used to divide a physical server into multiple small servers. Thus, it makes different partitions on a single server and each isolated from the other.

Even though these partitions are present on a single server, they are completely isolated from each other and work as independent units. In VPS hosting, you get the mix of benefits coming from shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting, and thus they are the best choice for businesses to get best out of both.

Major Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting offers many benefits not only over shared hosting but also has some benefits over dedicated hosting. It draws a bunch of benefits from both shared and dedicated hosting. Thus, emerges as a better choice than both of them except in some cases. Here are the major benefits of VPS hosting.

  • Higher Server Resources With a VPS server, you get much higher server resources as compared to shared hosting. Thus, it allows you to better utilize web space, RAM, CPU, etc. This is because there are a lot less websites hosted on a VPS than shared hosting. Much better thing is that, no other website can infringe on your part as in shared hosting.
  • Better Security Features In VPS hosting, there are much better security features than that in shared hosting. Since, all the partitions on a single VPS server are separated from each other, so even if there occurs a malware, virus or hacking attack on any other part, it will have no effect on your part.
  • Better Server Control As compared to shared hosting, a VPS server provides much better control of the server resources. It also allows the freedom to install a software or any application you may need on the server or website. This means you have complete control over your part of the server.
  • High Scalability In a Virtual Private Server, you get much higher scalability that means you can avail additional resources whenever your website demands. So, it’s very easy for a VPS to handle high volumes of traffic.
  • Automatic Server Management A Virtual Private Server comes with managed hosting and thus you need not worry even if you have no technical knowledge. The VPS provider will manage and monitor the server and also make sure that all websites work with optimal performance.

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When a VPS is Right for My Website?

VPS hosting is right for your website under the following conditions.

  1. You are having a small to medium scale business or e-commerce website.
  2. You have a gaming, video streaming, informational or educational website having medium resource demands and attracts medium traffic.
  3. If your website experience sudden traffic surges frequently.
  4. If your website demands high security and protection of critical data.
  5. If your website needs higher disk space to store data and files.
  6. If your website demands high server resources to deliver optimal performance.
  7. If you have less technical knowledge or want to save your time with fully managed VPS hosting.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is the one which is completely dedicated for a single website, application or individual. So, you have a complete control over the server in dedicated hosting. Additionally, your website has a complete access to use full server resources.

A dedicated server offers ultimate benefits and you get maximum resources, freedom and control over the server. So, there are no constraints on utilization of server resources and thus it overcomes all the limitations of shared and VPS hosting. The only limitation associated with a dedicated server is the high cost of owning one.

Major Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

There are a lot of benefits that a dedicated server provide over other forms of hosting and these include best security, top performance, complete control, etc. Here, are the major benefits of VPS hosting.

  • Complete Resource Access All the server resources on a dedicated server – web space, RAM, CPU, bandwidth, etc. which are completely available to your website and you can use them as per your discretion. Also, even more additional resources can be availed on demand.
  • Best Security Features A dedicated server is the most secure and it features the best website and server security features. These include very advanced security measures that protect your website and server against severest of threats including malware injections, viruses and hacking attempts.
  • Complete Server Control The dedicated servers provide you with complete control of your server that lets you to manage and control the server. It allows you to install your preferred operating system (OS), software, application, etc. for your website’s security, backup and maintenance.
  • Best Performance Dedicated hosting gives the best performance to your website by fulfilling all its demands for server resources and it is able to maintain the same level of website performance even in most demanding of situations i.e. very high traffic on your website.
  • Server Management Since, a dedicated server gives you complete control, you have the complete access to manage your server. It is very beneficial for those who need to frequently change server configuration for different needs of their website or application and are expert in technicalities.

For those who are low on technical knowledge, it is recommended to get managed dedicated servers for which some web hosts may charge an additional fee.

When a Dedicated Server is Right for My Website?

A dedicated server is right for your website under the following conditions.

  1. If you are having a large scale business or e-commerce website.
  2. If your website attracts very high traffic of visitors.
  3. If you are hosting applications that demand very high resource utilization.
  4. If you have a HD video streaming, gaming, or public utility website that attracts very high traffic and needs high server resources.
  5. If your website has very critical data and needs maximum security and isolation.
  6. If your website needs very large web space to store a very large data.
  7. If you frequently need to test applications and need different hosting configurations.


It’s a very critical decision to choose the right option for an hosting upgrade.The decision between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting depends to a very large extent on your needs as described above. So, you must check which one of VPS and dedicated hosting best fulfils your hosting requirements. Then select one by taking above factors into consideration.

Once you make the decision, you can use below links for comparison between best VPS and dedicated hosting providers.

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