Compare Online Masters Programs from Top Online University Courses

There are number of online college courses that offer online masters programs. Here, you can compare online masters course providers and find out the best and most popular online university courses for getting an online masters degree.

Compare Best Online Course Providers for Online Masters Programs


Courses start at

  • Advanced courses available
  • Academic style courses for Arts & Humanities, Business, Engineering, Languages and much more.
  • Professors from top colleges and universities create courses.
  • Over 2,000 courses available
  • 5 languages available for courses (English, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Korean)
  • On-demand videos available
  • Live classes available
  • Regular assessment tests and quizzes
  • Offers Degree for long term courses
  • Very high quality control
  • Short and long duration courses available

Courses start at

  • Advanced courses available
  • Less academic style courses for IT & Software, Business, Lifestyle, Photography, Marketing, etc.
  • Professional authors, academicians & experts create courses.
  • Over 80,000 courses available
  • 15 languages available for courses (English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, German, etc.)
  • On-demand videos available
  • No Live classes available
  • Regular assessment tests and quizzes
  • Offers certification for most courses
  • Limited quality control
  • Short to mid-term duration courses available