Importance of website for business in 2020:

Importance of website

People often neglect the importance of website and this results in loss of sales that could have generated if they had a website.

It has been observed that consumers prefer to buy the products from an organization that have online presence, especially a website. This clearly indicates the importance of website for business.

It makes it very important to have a website if you are concerned about the growth of your business. You can understand the importance of website by the global reach a website has.

Importance of website for business with an example:

Let’s understand the importance of website in how it helps to get orders from other countries with an example. Let’s consider you are a shop owner or may be a furniture manufacturer who do not have a website. In this case where would you get most orders from? Mostly from your friends, relatives, nearby localities or from nearby cities. Do you think you would get an order from another country? Most probably not.

Let’s understand why you won’t get the orders from other countries if you don’t have a website. To get orders from anywhere you need to have some contacts and popularity in that field and location. When you don’t have a website there is no means through which customers from other countries can know about your popularity and expertise. Hence, if they don’t know about you and your expertise then how and why would they give you an order.

If you wish to deliver globally by overcoming the hindrances of location, then you must realize the importance of website and establish one as early as possible. Even a single day without a website is a great loss to your business. So, if you don’t have a website then please check out the best website hosting plans and buy one at the earliest. The best part is you would get a domain name for free if you buy hosting for 12 months.

Now let’s understand all the benefits, advantages and importance of website one by one. This will make clear how important it is to have a website that may cost as low as $ 2.75 / month for hosting and has the potential to generate sales of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

1. Importance of Website as your global office:

Importance of website as a global office

What is the first thing that you need to start your business? It is the office, right? However, physical/traditional offices restrict you to a geographical area. So, what would you need while taking your business global? Of course, a global office – A website. Your website is your global office. This is a place where people from all over the world can find you.

This is the place where they can see what services you offer? How satisfied your customers are? The best part of this office is the low cost associated with it. You don’t need a receptionist and other supporting staff for this office. Once you buy the domain name and hosting, all you need is a developer to develop the website for you. After this, you just need to pay for domain name and website hosting renewal which is as low as $ 2.75 /month. So, this means the rent for your global office is as low as $ 2.75 / month. Do think you can find an office for a rent lower than this?

In the above example you can relate the cost of website development to the office furniture and that of domain name and hosting to monthly rent of the office. You don’t buy or pay for furniture every month. You usually pay for the furniture only in the beginning when you setup the office. Similarly, you pay for website development only in the initial stage while setting up the website i.e. your global office. Also, website development cost would be far less than that of furniture. Similarly, monthly rent of the website (hosting and domain name rent) is very less than the rent that you pay for your physical office. This makes website the most affordable office space that gives you global reach.

2. Importance of Website as your product catalogue:

Website serves as your product catalogue

 What do you do when a customer steps in to seek your services? How do you show them the products that you make? It is either through the samples that you have or through your the product catalogue. Either you or somebody from your staff must be present in front of the client to show the catalogue. This is not the case with your website.

Once you publish your catalogue, any of your client or prospective customer can view your catalogue without bothering you at any point of time. This means they can see your product catalogue even when you are sleeping. So, understand the importance of website and purchase it now if you do not have. This not only gives you a global reach but also all prospective customers can view your product catalogue without bothering you and place an order if they are impressed by your work.

3. Website is the heart of your online presence:

You must have heard terms like Facebook ads, google ads, and other online marketing medium. These methods of marketing cost very less when compared to traditional methods of marketing. So, if you switch to these online or digital marketing methods then it would be very beneficial for you and your business.

Why? It is because it costs you less and gives a target specific global audience. So, if you want to target specifically to the customers who are searching for furniture you can target them very well using digital marketing, that too at a very low price when compared to traditional methods of marketing.

Now let’s understand the importance of website when you switch to these digital marketing mediums. When you switch to these digital marketing mediums you need an online space where you can redirect the prospective customers to search more about you and your products and finally make a purchase.

If you do not have an online page where would you redirect your prospective customers to? Where will they find more information about you and your products? How would they place an order? This makes it very important to have a website to make the best out of these digital marketing methods. Without a website all the money spent on digital marketing goes in vain and you would have to stick to traditional methods of marketing which are way costlier than digital marketing.

This makes a website very important. So, without wasting a single minute purchase the website hosting and you would get the domain name for free for 12 months and then hire a developer to develop your website. Once your website is live you are all set to take your business to the next level.

4. Importance of website as your 24 * 7 salesman:

Can you make sales when you and all your staff members have signed off for the day? Most probably, not. Understanding the importance of website will change your answer to this question. This means if you have a website you can make sales even when you and nobody from your staff is available. It is because your website is your 24 * 7 salesman.

Customers from all over the world can visit your website, view information about your products and your organization even when you sleep. This means that having a website don’t only help expand your reach globally but also round the clock. So, even when you are asleep or busy some with other work, your 24 * 7 salesman is still making the sales for you without having you to monitor or instruct him.

Let’s now understand the importance of website in terms of salary. How much amount would you pay to hire a salesman working 24 * 7? At least, thousands of dollars, right? Do you know that website hosting starts at as low as $ 2.75 / month? This means this 24 * 7 salesman is the most affordable and productive salesman. So, if you don’t have a website now please buy one to add this most successful salesman to your sales team.

5. Website helps you build trust and credibility:        

In today’s digital age most of the consumers wish to buy the products from an organization that has a website. They think that if an organization don’t have a website then it is not a trustworthy organization. Apart from this, most of the people start finding solutions to their problems online by making a search on search engines like google. So, if you don’t have a website you are never going to acquire such customers.

Website helps you to build authority in your industry and credibility among customers. You can provide valuable information to your customer on your website like buying guides or factors to consider while making a purchase. This content will help you drive the customers to your website. This builds trust and credibility among the customers. When you do so, customers think that this service provider is honest, transparent and expert in this domain. This happens because only a person who has in depth knowledge and is honest will reveal the tips that helps customers to buy the right product. Such is the importance of website to expand your business worldwide.

So, to summarize the importance of website can be understood by focusing on below 5 points.

1. Website is your global office where customers from all over the world can contact you.

2. The website is your product catalogue where you can list all your products.

3. Website is the heart of online presence. You need a website to send or redirect the customers if you launch any sort of digital marketing. For PPC, email marketing, SEM, SMM, all kinds of online marketing you should have a website to redirect the customers to.

4. Website is your 24 * 7 salesman. Customers from all over the world can come to your website, view all your products and buy around the clock. Your website will sell even when you are sleeping.

5. Website helps you build credibility by providing valuable information to customers like buying guides and factors to consider while making a purchase.

So, to end if you really want to grow your business then immediately start your website by buying the hosting space and domain name which costs as low as $ 2.75 /month and take your business to the next level by exposing it to the international audience.

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