How to choose the perfect TLD for my business?

While choosing a domain name for your business, you need to consider multiple factors to find the best domain with the most suitable TLD. A TLD, or Top Level Domain is the extension that is at the end of a domain name like .com, .in, .biz, .org, etc. There are hundreds of domain extensions (TLDs) available that you can choose from.

The .com domain is the most commonly used domain extension. Generally, people go with the .com TLD as other TLDs are relatively new and not very popular. But, these new TLDs are more useful in describing your business and brand. You need to be extra careful while choosing a domain name as it can affect your website’s search rankings and people’s perception of your brand.

So,  how to decide which TLD is best for your brand?In this article, we will guide you about the factors you need to consider to choose the perfect TLD for your business.

What TLD options are available?

The domain name along with TLD that you choose will represent your brand’s identity and it will be instrumental in persuading online users in visiting your website. You can choose the most popular domain extension (.com), or a country code based ccTLD (.in, .us, .uk), or some other descriptive TLD (.technology, .online, .accountant) that aligns with your business and brand.

Going with the .com TLD for your domain name is also fine, if it is available. If not available, you must consider evaluating the wide range of new TLDs. Each available TLD has its own purpose and you need to evaluate multiple options to decide which one will suit your business needs.

.com – the most common option

Most people are only familiar with the .com TLD and don’t know about the new generic top level domains (TLDs) like .cloud, .doctor, etc. Due to the familiarity, the .it is bound to be seen as more trustworthy with a better brand authority.

gTLDs and ccTLDs – descriptive and targeted domain extensions

Apart from .com, there is an increasing popularity of new gTLDs and ccTLDs. They are becoming a good option and are as good as the .com domain. You can consider choosing a domain extension other than .com as a factor to distinguish your brand.

There are hundreds of different TLDs available.The new TLDs like .cloud, .club and .accountant are best used by businesses operating in respective industries. These type of TLDs are a great option if your business focuses in an field that the TLD describes. If you are a solo entrepreneur or running a blog, in that case TLDs like .me and .blog are much better options for you.

Factors to consider while choosing a new gTLD

The domain extension that you choose shall connect with your brand and help people understand your business better. Let’s see some best practices for choosing the perfect TLD for your business.

When selecting a TLD, you must consider that it is helpful to your site visitors in understanding your site’s purpose. This will create a good first impression of your website. Below are some more factors that you must consider while selecting the domain extension.

  • Go for a TLD that explains your website’s core purpose.
  • Understand how your audience pursues your brand.
  • You can go with a .com TLD if you are hosting a commercial website.
  • Identify the field in which your brand specializes and use a suitable TLD that shows your area of expertise.
  • Use a location based TLDs or ccTLDs if you are targeting an audience in a particular region.

Below are some of the field specific TLDs that suits some particular businesses.

  • For tech focused businesses – .digital, .technology, .codes, .software, .consulting, etc.
  • For any business (or group of businesses) – .biz, .trade, .xyz, etc.
  • For sports websites – .cricket, .football, .club, etc.
  • For hotel industry – .hotel, .cafe, .bar, .casino, .pub, etc.
  • For entertainment industry – .film, .actor, .band, .studio, .fun, .rocks, etc.
  • For travel and tourism industry – .travel, .photography, .world, etc.
  • For informative and expert websites – .info, .guru, .pro, etc.
  • Location based websites – .in, .bharat, city, .ca, uk,, etc.

Consider effects on SEO

If you are worried about effects on your SEO with a new gTLD, you need not worry as there is no effect of a domain extension in search results. If you follow SEO best practices, every TLD has equal chance of topping the search results.

If you are using a new TLD, it will not affect your ranking in search engines. For the search engines, all TLDs are equal and neither the .com nor the new gTLDs has inherent SEO value. If your website has quality content and provides great user experience, it will definitely do well in search results.


If you want to use a new domain extension (TLD),  take above factors into consideration for choosing the perfect TLD for your business website. Explore different TLD options and find a suitable one for your business website. Also, compare different domain registrars and TLD pricing to get your perfect TLD at the most economical price.


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