How to choose a Perfect Domain Name for your Website?

In the online world, your website is your online self and its domain name is the identity by which it is recognized online. Having a perfect domain name is the most important thing for your online identity. It not only reflects your profile but also can affect the level of traffic on your website. 

Selecting a perfect domain name is of utmost importance when you start a website. But, generally it is often overlooked and people just start a website with any available domain name. Apart from being important, it is also very difficult to decide and find a perfect domain name.

Even though the process of finding a perfect domain name may be very tedious, but once it is properly executed it can do wonders for your website. Here, I have compiled some tips from my experience that can be helpful to you in selecting a perfect domain name for your website.

1. Come Up with a Memorable Name

It’s not simple to find a memorable name, so when you try different combinations for your domain name, use relevant words and phrases related to your niche. And make sure that the name should adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Short and simple
  • Easy to remember
  • Not confusing
  • Hard to misspell
  • Best describes your brand/website

2. Focus on Keywords

Your website’s domain name holds the power to boost your website’s search engine ranking. To get the benefits in search results, you must include certain specific keywords related to your industry in it.

For example, take my website’s domain name, it is rich in keywords (best domain, hosting, and review) which is very advantageous from SEO point of view. Whenever anybody searches for these keywords, my website gets an added advantage by having them in its URL and ultimately feature in top search results.

3. Try Different Forms

Most of the times it happen that you come up with a domain name that’s already booked. I have been through this and personally know that it feels very frustrating. In this situation, you should try some different combinations of the same word or phrase.

For this, you can use words like ‘the’, ‘my’ and plural form of the name. For example, in my case, if were unavailable, then I would have searched for, or These are also a viable option as a perfect domain name and still have the same SEO value.

4. Avoid Hyphens, Numbers and Short Forms

Sometimes, domain names with hyphens and numbers are very similar to our dream domain name and it compels us to go for it. But, always avoid using them because they will confuse your potential visitors and ultimately, you will be at a risk of losing them.

Consider my example, if my current domain name were unavailable and I have went for, chances are that any visitor might just type, since it is easy to remember and recall, and just land on my competitor’s website who had booked that domain before me.

Including numbers and short forms can also result in a similar thing. Say, my website is, but the visitor might not be aware of my website’s creative spelling and just type

5. Select a Suitable TLD

TLDs (Top Level Domains) are domain extensions like .com, .org, .in, etc. The .com is the most popular TLD and it must be definitely your first choice when finding your perfect domain name. But you will be very lucky if you find a .com TLD for your website as it is already very saturated.

Now, there’s an alternative to it, you can explore many possibilities from the new gTLDs (generic TLDs). gTLDs are latest TLDs which describe a website much better than traditional TLDs. They offer domain extensions like .photography, .music, .book, etc.

They are gaining more popularity and becoming a preferred choice for naming websites. Additionally, gTLDs also improve the SEO value of a website by adding an additional keyword in the website URL.

Even my website could have benefitted much more with a gTLD URL, if have waited till the release of .review or .reviews gTLDs and would have got a better website name like or

6. Always buy your domain from an ICANN accredited registrar

Whenever you buy domain name, ensure that you do so from an ICANN accredited domain registrar that is reputable and authorized to sell domain names. An ICANN Accredited Registrar represents a sign of trust, stability and strength, and is accredited to register domain names and administer providing domain services to the public. Here is a comparison of best domain registrars that you can refer to make your decision to buy a domain name.


Choosing a perfect domain name for your website is not as easy as it sounds but rather a very tedious process. To come up with a perfect domain name, you need to invest your precious time. Also, you have to make sure that you come up with that perfect name in the very first attempt as changing it later will lead to losing a substantial website traffic.

I have learned these tips from my experience and compiled here for you. So, use these tips, do thorough research, take your own time and come up with that perfect domain name of your dream website.

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