Finding the best domain registrar to buy domain name

In this digital age, every business needs to have an online presence. For this, they need to have a website and that starts with a domain name. Registering a domain name is the first step in creating a website. When buying a domain name, you must be careful while choosing a domain registrar as it will be crucial in domain management.

The domain names industry in India is packed up with a very large number of domain registrars. This makes it a highly competitive scenario and difficult to find the best domain registrar. Thus you must compare these domain registrars to find a reliable and trustworthy one.

Checkpoints to consider for choosing a domain registrar

When looking for a domain registrar, there are certain checkpoints that you must consider. This will help you to find the best one to buy domain name.

  1. ICANN accreditation – ICANN is the regulatory body that regulates the domain name industry. You must always go for an ICANN accredited domain registrar for purchasing a domain name. This will ensure that you are with a reliable domain registrar.
  2. Customer support – Support is a very important factor. Always go for a registrar who offers continuous support through multiple channels. With a reliable support, you can contact your registrar for any help you need with your domain name and website.
  3. Domain Pricing – Pricing is very crucial for everybody. When you compare pricing between different registrars. Make it a point to check the domain renewal price as many providers renewal price much higher than domain registration price. If it is very high, you might end up paying more in future.
  4. Security – Also, you must check out the safety measures that a registrar has in place to protect your domain and website. It will be an addon advantage if you can get an SSL certificate for your domain name.
  5. Other factors – Other than above, you must also check for a good control panel, simplicity for setting up sub domains, privacy protection, etc.

Which are the best domain registrars in India?

There are few who have proved their mettle as a domain registrar in India and thus emerged as a best option for domain registration. They have established the standards and benchmarks for others in the domain industry to follow.

Below is a comparative analysis of three best domain registrars in India based on the most crucial parameters. We have used the following parameters for our analysis.

  • Experience in Web Hosting Industry
  • Pricing Structure
  • Provision of Additional Benefits
  • Availability of generic TLDs (.desi, .biz, .guru, etc.)
  • Domain Order Process
  • Managed services
  • Control Panel.
  • Customer Support System
  • Customer Review

Here is a link for a side by side comparison of best domain registrars in India.

1. ZNetLive

ZNetLive has gained popularity as the cheapest and most reliable domain registrar. Despite offering such cheap domain names, ZNetLive offers a bundle of free Value Added Services along with the domain which makes their services unparalleled in the domain name industry.

Have a look at the analysis of ZNetLive services.

  • ZNetLive was established in 2001 and gained 15 years of invaluable experience.
  • Currently, ZNetLive offers the cheapest domain name registrations and domain renewals in the industry.
  • Along with a domain name, ZNetLive offers 2 email accounts and privacy protection as free Value Added Services.
  • All new generic TLDs are available with ZNetLive.
  • It is very easy to get a domain from ZNetLive with a very easy to use, self-guiding and user friendly domain order process.
  • There is also a provision of managed DNS service from ZNetLive to manage your domain.
  • ZNetLive’s Control Panel houses Domain Control Center that makes it very easy to control your domains.
  • The dedicated customer support at ZNetLive works 24/7 and it’s reachable via phone, live chat and e-mail. ZNetLive also manage an active blogging platform to help and educate users about domain names.
  • ZNetLive’s Customerreviews speak highly positive about their services.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy needs no introduction, it has established itself as one of the leading domain registrars with its impeccable services. GoDaddy offers a good blend of features in its services that caters to the various needs of customers.

Have a look at the analysis of GoDaddy services.

  • Established in 1997, GoDaddy has 18 years of experience in the domain name industry.
  • GoDaddy provides domain registration at very economical prices, but there domain renewal prices are substantially high.
  • Along with domain registration, GoDaddy provides 100 sub-domains and e-mail addresses as additional benefits. But, it charges an additional price for the website builder, which is a really great tool for website building.
  • The latest generic TLDs are also available with GoDaddy.
  • The domain order process of GoDaddy is very easy to navigate and easy to use.
  • GoDaddy performs a real-time monitoring of your domain name.
  • The domain control panel from GoDaddy is a bit complicated to use.
  • GoDaddy’s technical customer support is available round the clock.
  • GoDaddy’s customer reviews are very positive.

3. BigRock

BigRock has established itself with a rock solid foundation in the domain name industry. BigRock offers very good services that focused on the very need of the customer and adds a blend of creativity to its services.

Have a look at the analysis of BigRock services.

  • BigRock has over 10 years of experience as a domain registrar.
  • BigRock may not be the cheapest, but offers domain at economical prices. BigRock’s domain renewal rates are high.
  • Along with a domain name, BigRock provides 2 e-mail accounts and domain theft protection as added benefits. BigRock’s Website builder tool comes with an additional price.
  • The new generic TLDs are available with ZNetLive.
  • The domain order process as BigRock is customer friendly.
  • BigRock also provides managed DNS services for your domain.
  • The control panel is good and easy to use.
  • BigRock’s customer support is available 24 hours.
  • The customer reviews of BigRock are also positive.


All above domain name registrars allow you to register, renew and transfer but, there are other factors like pricing and domain management that you must consider. Visit this link for a simplified comparison of best domain registrars in India.

So, you must compare each factor and then choose the best domain registrar for registering a domain name.

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