Compare Resistance Bands Price and Buy Exercise Bands Online

Stretch resistance bands or exercise bands help develop overall body strength with a regular resistance band workout. Compare stretch resistance bands price and discover the cheapest options online to buy the best resistance bands or exercise bands.

Compare Resistance Bands Price and Buy Resistance Bands


INR 1,390
  • All in one kit of four resistance exercise bands
  • Premium 100% latex from Thailand
  • Higher elasticity with greater tensile strength plus thicker than standard sizes
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INR 699
  • 12 inch long that can be stretched further
  • 100% natural latex (no TPE )
  • Lightweight. flexible, durable and compact bands
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  • 6 resistance bands for fitness needs
  • High quality nylon natural latex
  • Included in set - 2 cushioned foam handles, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle straps, 5 bands, 1 nylon tote bag