Benefits and advantages of cloud hosting

Benefits and advantages of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting - Advantages and benefits

Everyone has heard about cloud hosting but very few know about the advantages and benefits of cloud hosting. Please read on to know the advantages and benefits of cloud hosting.

In today’s modern world, all businesses need to have an online presence. The best way to establish online presence is through a website. The website is very important if you wish to grow your business throughout the globe.

The next question that comes to mind is where to host the website? On traditional servers or on cloud servers? So, let’s dive in to know the benefits and advantages of cloud hosting and explore whether you should opt for cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is often considered as very expensive. This is the reason, why most of the website owners refrain from hosting website on cloud servers. Due to this misconception the website owners can’t identify or get benefited from the advantages of cloud hosting.

So, let’s understand the main benefits of cloud hosting and then you can decide whether you should host your websites on cloud servers.

Benefits of cloud hosting:

1. Scalability is very important benefit of cloud hosting:

In traditional hosting you select a monthly or a yearly plan. This means, you have already selected a plan and you are going to pay for the entire plan even if you don’t consume all the resources. There is no option to scale down to a lower plan. Also, in case you expect some extra surge in your traffic you can’t get extra resources by scaling the current plan. You have you choose an all new plan pay the entire amount of the new plan.

This is not the case with cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is very flexible and scalable. You can easily scale up or down your existing plan as it is charged on hourly basis at cloudways. Suppose you had a chosen a higher plan and you are getting the expected amount of traffic you can easily scale down. Also, in case you see or expect a sudden increase in your traffic you can scale up and you would be paying only for what you consume.

2. Pricing: Yet another major benefit of cloud hosting

Pricing and scalability are inter-connected. Usually, everyone consider that cloud hosting is expensive than traditional hosting solutions. This is not the case. Like mentioned above, you pay for the entire duration of the plan even if you don’t consume the resources for the entire duration of the plan. On the other hand, on cloud hosting you only pay for resources that you use and the duration for the time you use.  So, if you are not using much of resources you invoice will be less. Cloudways is one of the best platforms to choose the best cloud hosting provider. They charge hourly and follow post billing system.

3. Speed: This benefit of cloud hosting enhances user experience

Speed is one of the benefits of cloud hosting

Websites hosted on clouds are very much faster than the websites hosted on traditional servers. It is because cloud hosting uses load balancing multiple servers. Also, low density of the website can boost the speed of website along with varnish by almost 1000%.

4. Redundancy: This benefit helps you get multiple copies of your data

Cloud hosting uses triple redundancy. This means entire data of your site is available on three different servers simultaneously. This helps you to recover data and increase uptime.

5. High uptime: This benefit builds trust and credibility

On traditional servers, what happens to your site if the server on which your site is hosted goes down? It is obvious, that your site would also go down. However, this is not the case with cloud hosting. As mentioned earlier, your data is replicated on three different servers. So, one of the three server goes down immediately your data from remaining 2 servers is replicated on another running third servers. This ensures high uptime of your website.

6. Data recovery and security: This benefit of cloud hosting helps you never lose your data.

Redundancy which is one of the benefits of cloud computing not only ensures high uptime but also leads to another major advantage of cloud hosting which is data recovery and security. In the above case we just assumed that your traditional server has gone done for some period.

There may be chances that the traditional server has malfunctioned and all data from that server is lost. In this case, you would lose your entire data and there is no chance by which you can get that data back. However, in cloud hosting redundancy provides another benefit of cloud hosting. You can easily recover your data from remaining two servers and would never lose it.

So, after reading and understanding the advantages and benefits of cloud hosting if you wish to switch to cloud hosting then please click here to get best plans for cloud hosting and cloud computing.

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